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We're glad you stopped by. We offer affordable fine leathercraft gifts for the whole family. We're continuing to add new products, so if you don't see something you like, stop back by later or email us.

At Harness House Leathercraft we use traditional leather crafting methods like carving and stamping. Often a combination of the two methods is used to create the desired effect. Carving entails the use of metal implements to cut into moistened leather to give a three dimensional appearance. The swivel knife is primarily used to carve leather, and other metal stamping tools are then used to "shape" the leather using a wooden or rawhide mallet giving the design more definition.

Leather stamping is frequently used alone to create an attractive design. Shaped implements (stamps) are used to imprint various shapes onto a leather surface. Vegetable tanned leather is most often used in leathercrafting. Dampening of the leather surface is important to soften the surface so that it more readily accepts the stamping or carving.

Once the leather design is finished the leather is dyed, stained or even painted to achieve the desired effect. To ensure that the leather will last longer, the leatherwork item is conditioned with oils or other sealants, making it water-proof and preventing deformity.

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